What to Put in Baby’s First Easter Basket

Spring is upon us, and with Spring comes the hopping Easter Bunny! While your little one may not yet be hopping, receiving their very first Easter Basket can make baby very excited. Let’s talk about what you can pack into your baskets to make sure your infant can enjoy the tradition.

Warning: you may need two baskets to fit all these egg-cellent options!

What to Put in Baby’s First Easter Basket

Soft and cuddly toys

  • Start with soft, plush toys and cuddly companions perfect for tiny hands to explore and hold. Consider toys that also have some texture and remember to avoid small parts that could pose a choking hazard.
  • Great examples are stuffed bunnies, chicks, lambs, carrots, or eggs, textured soft stacker toys in a pastel theme, or crinkle paper toys. You may even find a basket made of plush material itself!

Board books

  • Easter-themed board books are a wonderful option to add to your baby’s growing bookshelf. Introducing themed books is a wonderful way to not only foster a love for reading, but to get into a habit of bringing seasonal excitement to the home.
  • Choose stories with simple narratives and vibrant colors to captivate their imagination. For the nearing-toddler babies, one-word paged books are excellent options! Finger puppet books are also a fun way to bring the book to life.

Sensory toys

  • Babies love exploring different textures and sounds. Include toys that stimulate their senses, such as rattles (like colorful egg shakers), Easter shaped pop-it/fidget toys, and squeezable textured toys (bonus if they gently light up!).
  • Musical toys that produce peaceful melodies are awesome auditory delights, while colorful stacking cups are great visual stimulators.
  • Though sensory toys are excellent for babies, this category is where you should be especially mindful for any small or breakable parts as baby plays.

Baby apparel

  • Add a touch of cuteness to your baby’s Easter basket with an adorable Easter-themed outfit, com
    plete with a bunny ears headband. You can then add to the basket itself some pastel-colored onesies and fuzzy cozy socks or booties.
  • No basket is complete without a “baby’s first Easter” type bib!
  • Wrist rattles have also become quite popular in recent years – try searching for farm animal themed ones!

Teething toys

  • An egg-ceptional option to help baby teether is the ever-so-popular teething carrot (I’m sure you’re picturing the exact one seen in many stores!) – perfect for this time of year! With a textured tip of the carrot and colorful orange and green, this can grow with baby during those pesky teething stages. Any textured silicone teethers are good!
  • Squeaky chewable rubber ducks (or other farm animals) can also be fun for bath time.
  • Opt for BPA-free, baby-safe materials that provide soothing comfort while supporting oral development.

Healthy snacks

  • While your baby may not indulge in chocolate eggs and candies just yet (again, more for mom to enjoy!), you can include nutritious snacks such as fruit puree pouches, teething biscuits, or yogurt melts. Look for organic, age-appropriate options free from added sugars and artificial flavors.

Keepsake items

  • Of course, you also have a great option to capture the memories of your baby’s first Easter with keepsake items such as a personalized Easter bib or a special Easter-themed photo frame for baby’s room, your room, or the living room!
  • Custom name puzzles, egg-shaped hanging door sign with your baby’s foot or handprints, or personalized basket are also wonderful loving touches to the season.

Interactive playtime essentials

  • Enhance playtime with interactive toys that promote cognitive development and fine motor skills – and for the little-littles, toys that promote tummy time! Examples include bright or pastel-colored stand-up mirrors, large bead mazes, and play gyms with dangling toys.
  • Colorful floor play mats also enhance tummy time and help baby develop his or her strength in their arms and legs.

Although already mentioned, always ensure that the items you’re choosing are age-appropriate and safe. Avoid small objects, sharp edges, or items with strings that could pose a choking or strangulation hazard.

As you make your baby’s first Easter basket, remember that the true essence of this tradition lies in the joy of sharing love, laughter, and cherished moments with your growing family. Embrace the spirit of renewal and celebration as you embark on this heartwarming journey together! This may be your baby’s first Easter, but at this age, your bunny snuggles will matter more than what’s in the basket.

Well, that is unless you can fit in a basket!

Happy Easter!

Niko Dinh-Phan
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