Pornography and Our Kids | Kansas City MomCast Episode 38

The average age of first pornography exposure is nine years old (Defend Young Minds). Early exposure to pornography—especially today’s violent, degrading porn—can lead to major problems later in life, including increased risk of addiction, sexual abuse, mental health issues and unhealthy views of sexual intimacy. The scary but true question is not if our kids will be exposed but when

Here to help us tackle this issue are Tracy Foster and Jamie Gordon from Screen Sanity, one of Kansas City and the country’s best resources on screen safety. 

Meet Tracy Foster

Tracy Foster is Screen Sanity‘s co-founder and executive director and she has co-authored two books to educate and guide parents/mentors in digital wellness for their families. Before Screen Sanity, Tracy invested 15 years developing growth strategies for some of the world’s leading organizations. She helped foundations, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies increase impact through revised strategy and program design, operational improvement and more. On a project for one of the largest toy companies, she was captivated by the power of play in children’s emotional, social and cognitive development, fueling her passion for rethinking cultural norms around technology. Tracy is most passionate about helping people find community around the topic of digital health. She also love big ideas, brainstorming and ideating. She is a big fan of protein balls and bedazzled jean jackets.

Meet Jamie Gordon

Jamie Gordon is a licensed master’s level social worker. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska earning her Bachelors of Science degree in psychology. She went on to the University of Kansas where she earned her master’s in social work in 2008. Jamie has worked in several different settings, with her work primarily serving youth and families. She has worked in residential treatment, an inpatient psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents, a domestic violence shelter, and a school setting. Jamie currently serves as the intake coordinator at Husch Blackwell’s human trafficking clinic, where pro bono legal aid and case management is provided for survivors of labor and sex trafficking. She also serves as a supporter and consultant for Screen Sanity.

From a career standpoint, Jamie is most passionate about helping those that have been exploited and don’t always have a voice or resources.  She also loves educating parents and kids about digital health and finding ways to help people facilitate meaningful connections and relationships and enjoying the moments right in front of them. From a personal standpoint, she is passionate about spending time with her family, being active, and never turning down an opportunity for chips and salsa!

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Parent Resources

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Megan just started her kids here recently and they are OBSESSED. KidStrong “helps parents discover their child’s superpowers and build future-ready kids who are confident making friends, run the playground, and raise their hand high in the classroom.” The kids work on social skills, cooperation and listening, physical agility and ability with some academics strategically sprinkled in. They go once a week and are able to go at the same time which is convenient. Megan cannot recommend this program enough as it’s unique and her kids can’t wait to go each time.

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