The Dolly Parton’s Stampede Family Fun-Filled Experience

“Mom? Am I allowed to do this?!” My son grinned from ear-to-ear as he tore into his own tender, whole rotisserie chicken.

I had experienced Dolly Parton’s Stampede pre-children during my college years. It was a great time then, it’s an even better time seeing it through the eyes of your children.

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I’ve loved Dolly ever since I was a little girl playing cards on the living room floor while listening to her “Jolene” album. My partner, Greg, and I explained to our kids a little bit about who she is as we pulled into the grandeur entry to the Branson mansion. The flowers bloomed bright, arranged in the shape of a butterfly. As much as we all love Dolly and her music, she was felt everywhere.

From the décor, her sweet, smoky voice filling the arena, to the down home hospitality and love of all ages. When the Dolly Parton’s Stampede says fun for the family, they take it to another level. In general, when I seek out a family friendly dinner attraction it means that if we have a hard time using our “indoor voice,” I’m not going to be mortified as a parent. With feet stomping and “Yee-haws” galore, our three children beamed as they raised a boot-shaped glass of a special grenadine-laced drink.

Our attention was captivated from the start as a top-notch rider in red rode out, her feet straddled on two horses, leaping through my kids’ first glimpse at pyrotechnics. The sheer talent of both tricks and vocal performance alongside a natural childlike interest for riveting competition ensured our family never felt a dull moment. When to even stage a bathroom break was a tough choice to make!

The food was generous and comforting. Branson’s finest team of servers has setting out fresh, hot food to a packed arena of guests down to a science. Clearly, my son’s favorite was the chicken, he said it was “awesome.” My daughter said, “The chicken, and the corn on the cob, and the soup! The soup was delicious!” She’s speaking of Dolly’s original Creamy Vegetable Soup which can be purchased in the gift shop. For me, I really enjoyed being offered coffee at the close of the meal with a flaky apple pastry.

The caffeine was needed as we set off for Stone Castle’s themed hotel suite. Their pool and Jacuzzi does not close until midnight so we had time to hop into our suits after the spectacular dinner production. The hotel staff was kind and quickly delivered a rollout bed to our suite since we’re a family of five.

After the kids fell asleep, Greg and I took to the suite’s balcony with our cowboy cups now filled with warm drinks. The balcony overlooked a relaxing gazebo and full, luscious garden with sparkling waterfall. It was the perfect design and contrast of an evening. My heart was full from family time, and content from scenic, romantic adult time with my love.

The next morning, we awoke happy and hungry. Everyone was thrilled to walk into the abundant dining room that doesn’t just offer the basic continental breakfast. Stone Castle offers a full breakfast buffet, which runs until 10 a.m. So, if by chance you’re a parent who is blessed with kids that will sleep past 8, you can leisurely get ready and eat.

Thus closed the chapter on a mini-vacation success. We laughed, we loved, we ate, we marveled at extreme talent…we Dolly-ed!

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This post is sponsored by Dolly Parton’s Stampede, a fun family show in Branson. Opinions belong to the writer.

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