Three Grocers, a Mom, and a Fire Truck

Welcome to the “Hy-Vee vs. Price Chopper – Which One do You Love?” series! Join us this evening for another post on Price Chopper from our contributor Erin.


I pass by two grocery stores on my way to McKeever’s Price Chopper in Parkville and ignore two other options for groceries that are closer to my home.  Why?  Because the McKeever’s Price Chopper in Parkville has amazing produce, great prices, and service that is top notch.  The produce alone would be enough to keep me coming back.  This Kansas City mom loves her veg!  Their fruits and vegetables are always so fresh.  I love that I can stock up and know that my tomatoes and basil will still be looking great four days later.


Fresh produce is important to me because it means that I can shop less frequently.  Less trips to the store means fewer impulse buys … you know those trips to the store when you just need an onion but you leave with orange juice, Wheat Thins, a package of Oreos and a basket full of other finds?  Thirty dollars later, you realize that less trips to the store is easier on your budget. I also love that I can print my grocery list directly from the Price Chopper web page.  I can look at their weekly advertisement and click on items that I’ll need. 


Their website categorizes those items by department for me before I print my grocery list, which is especially useful when sending my husband to the store.  It’s so nice to know that he won’t have to wander up and down aisles to find the items on my list.  They carry a great selection of local favorites, as well;  I know Price Chopper will always have my favorite Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ sauce and Cupini’s amazing vinaigrette.


Lastly, what I love most about my Price Chopper is the people.  I love that as kiddos run circles around my grocery cart (surely not my children), there is a lovely lady behind the deli counter that stops them in their tracks when she offers them a piece of cheese.  I love that we can count on a free cookie at the bakery to motivate my little ones to mind their manners.  We have favorite cashiers and baggers to sack our groceries and offer help out to our car.  I know that at Price Chopper, if I have three kids in tow, a large cart full of groceries, and an umbrella with which to manage the rain, then someone will kindly offer their drive-up service which I will gladly accept with a heartfelt, “thanks!”


Our most recent trip to Price Chopper was especially extraordinary as the local firemen in line behind us invited me and my five-year-old out to see their fire truck.  We got to climb inside for a peek around and we left with a Jr. Firefighter badge, a pencil, and a sticker.  The sense of community at this store is outstanding!  From visits by the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile to emergency preparedness events sponsored by our local sheriff, Price Chopper has much to offer.  Kent, the store manager at Price Chopper in Parkville, has even supported our local PTA.  These people care and they pull out all the stops to make sure that we have a stellar shopping experience.


While my experience at Price Chopper is not always an episode from Sesame Street’s “People in Your Neighborhood,” it IS always full of great prices, great produce, and great people. I can’t wait to go back!


Emily is the happy wife of a fantastic dentist and the mother of three amazing boys ages 11, 8, and 5. Their family moved to Kansas City in 2006 and they have fallen in love with this jewel of the Midwest. Emily has her degree in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and is passionate about family, art, children’s literature, party planning, gardening, food (namely dark chocolate), and service in her community. She is part of the largest women’s organization in the world, Relief Society, and is very active in her church. Their family has just begun the journey to and through adoption, and she is excited to share this experience with our readers. Her situation is unique in that their family is pursuing an independent adoption, without the use of an agency. They are hoping to add a little girl to their forever family. You can find their adoption profile at 3D Adopting.


  1. The first time I went to that Price Chopper I was 8 months pregnant and the teenage boy behind the check out unloaded all my groceries onto the conveyer belt for me. When I left I immediately called to tell my husband how nice that was!

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