Best Parks for Babies and Toddlers in Kansas City

If you have a baby or toddler, chances are what you are looking for in a playground is going to be different than what a mom of older kids is looking for. This guide breaks down the best parks for the baby and toddler age group in Kansas City, divided by area. Many are fenced in, have smaller play structures, and baby swings. We also included information about what kind of ground covering each playground has as many families prefer turf to wood chips if their child is in a “put everything in their mouth” phase.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we highlight a couple of our favorite parks in each city and offer a list of other recommended parks nearby. Make sure you check out our guide to the best parks in Kansas City our inclusive park guide, and our parks with splash pads guide for the summer.

Mom Tip: Since this age group is mostly still in diapers we didn’t include information about bathroom availability. If your toddler is potty training, pack a portable potty in the car for emergencies!

Kansas Parks

Fairway Parks

Kathryn Lyon Flora “Kathy’s” Park
6030 Cherokee Dr, Fairway, KS

  • Best Features: New park with a slide built into a hill (and a tunnel going through the hill!), merry-go-round, nature-themed elements and a porch swing for caregivers to enjoy. This is a pocket park in a neighborhood so you will need to park on the street.
  • Turf

Neale Peterson Park
6136 Mission Rd, Fairway, KS
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  • Best Features: Adorable fire truck and house themed play structures for kids with big imaginations. Swings include a baby swing and a two-person friendship swing.
  • Turf

Gardner Parks

Celebration Park
32501 159th St, Gardner, KS

  • Best Features: Huge park with lots to do including slides built into a hill, a small kid’s play structure, a see-saw, and baby swings.
  • Wood chips

Winwood Park
520 N White Dr, Gardner, KS

  • Best Features: Smaller play structure for small kids, ride on toys, and baby swings.
  • Wood chips

Other Gardner playground recommendation: Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Kansas City, KS Parks

Kensington Park
2900 State Ave, Kansas City, KS

  • Best Features: The playground structure is low to the ground and great for little kids. They also have baby swings and lots of grassy space to run around.
  • Wood chips

Wyandotte County Lake Park
9100 Leavenworth Rd, Kansas City, KS

  • Best Features: The play structure has lower level features for young kids as well as swings and climbing opportunities.
  • Wood chips

Lenexa Parks

Ad Astra Park
8265 Maurer Rd, Lenexa, KS

  • Best Features: Play structure designed for smaller kids, musical instruments, and a baby swing.
  • Turf

Parkhurst Park
85th Street and Renner Blvd, Lenexa, KS

  • Best Features: Nice play structure built for small kids, ride on animals, and baby swings.
  • Wood chips

Other Lenexa playground recommendations: Electric Park, Sar Ko Par Trails Park, and Tamarisk Park.

Leawood Parks

Leawood City Park
10601 Lee Blvd. Leawood, KS
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  • Best Features: This inclusive playground is fenced in and has ramps to enter the play structure. You’ll find lots of music features and a separate play structure for small kids. They have many kinds of swings including an adult/baby swing, baby swings, adaptive swings, and a disc swing. Bigger toddlers may even be able to ride on the adaptive zip line.
  • Turf

Tomahawk Park
3951 W 119th St, Leawood, KS

  • Best Features: Play structure with stairs that allow them to access several kinds of slides. Baby swings and plentiful shade for a hot day.
  • Wood chips

Other Leawood playground recommendations: Gezer Park and Ironwoods Park.

Merriam Parks

Antioch Park
6501 Antioch Rd, Merriam, KSAntioch Park
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  • Best Features: Toddlers will love Dodge Town and the train themed play structure and slides. There are baby swings and just down the hill there is another playground with structures well designed for that age group.
  • Turf

Quail Creek Park

  • Best Features: This colorful playground has a fun play structure, merry-go-round, baby swings, musical instruments, and abundant shade.
  • Turf

Other Merriam playground recommendations: Campbell Park and Waterfall Park. 

Olathe Parks

Frisco Lake Park
1100 E Dennis Ave, Olathe, KS

  • Best Features: This small park features a sand area (bring sand toys), musical instruments, disc swing, a slide built into a hill, and toddler ride-on toys. There is also a paved loop around the lake where you can spot baby ducks in the spring. A train runs right next to the lake so it can be loud but it’s a great spot for train lovers.
  • Turf and wood chips

Olathe Indian Creek Library Playground
16100 W 135th St. Olathe, KS

  • Best Features: This is Olathe’s first accessible city park and offers an in-ground merry-go-round, a variety of swings (including adult/child combo swings), a story walk, musical instruments, and a shaded play structure. Pop into the library during open hours for a snack from Sweet Tee’s and play in the children’s area of the library.
  • Turf

Other Olathe playground recommendations: Arbor Landing Park, Blackbob Park, Brougham Park, Calamity Line Park, Frontier Park, and Prairie Center Park.

Overland Park Parks

Arthur & Betty Verhaeghe Park
11401 W 167th St, Overland Park, KS

  • Best Features: This fun farm-themed playground is great for toddlers to explore. There are two play structures as well as a tractor climb on toy and lots of swings including baby swings.
  • Turf

Strang Park
9879 W. 88th Terr. Overland Park, KS
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  • Best Features: This is arguably the best playground in the metro area with lots of fun features like trampolines built into the ground, a small kid’s farmer’s market area, turf hills with tunnels, and lots of musical instruments. The playground is fully fenced in and there are plenty of swings to choose from.
  • Turf

Other Overland Park playground recommendations: Amesbury Lake Park, Osage Park, Roe Park, Stoll Park (playground behind the dog park), and the playgrounds inside and out at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.

Prairie Village Parks

Franklin Park
8706 Roe Ave, Prairie Village, KS
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  • Best Features: Multiple play structures including ones good for littles. There is a sandbox full of toys, music garden, ride on toys, baby swings and a tire swing and in the summer there is a nature play area with a little creek (bring a change of clothes and water shoes!)
  • Wood chips

Meadowbrook Inclusive Playground
9100 Roe Ave, Prairie Village, KS
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  • Best Features: This new playground is amazing. It’s fully fenced in and ideal for small kids. There’s a merry-go-round, integrated music features, slides and turf hills and lots of space to run around. This playground is much less busy than the main Meadowbrook Park playground.
  • Turf

Other Prairie Village playground recommendations: McCrum Park, Meadowbrook Park, Porter Park, Taliaferro Park, and Wassmer Park.

Shawnee Parks

Shawnee Mission Park Inclusive Playground
7900 Renner Rd. Shawnee, KS (North Walnut Grove area of park)

  • Best Features: This fenced in playground has tons to offer and there are plenty of play features for small kids as well as big kids. There are adaptive swings, musical instruments, and misters for hot summer days. Bring sidewalk chalk with you and let your kids draw all over the giant chalkboard. The park lacks shade so try to come when it’s not hot and sunny.
  • Turf

Swarner Park

  • Best Features: The park is well shaded with a play structure great for small kids. Several slides and climbers as well as baby swings.
  • Turf

Other Shawnee playground recommendations: Douglas Highlands Park, Garret Park, Gum Springs Park, Listowel Park, and West Flanders Park.

Stilwell Parks

Stilwell Community Park
6402 W. 207th St. Stilwell, KS

  • Best Features: This accessible playground is fully fenced in and has lots of play features great for small kids, a variety of swings, and a slide built into the hill. There is zero shade so come here on a cool and cloudy day.
  • Turf

Missouri Parks

Belton Parks

Memorial Park
998 Commercial St. Belton, MO

  • Best Features: This is an accessible playground perfect for little kids with a fire engine and train theme. There are shade umbrellas over the play structures and several types of swings.
  • Turf

Other Belton playground recommendations: Cimarron Trails Park and Markey Park.

Blue Springs Parks

Burrus Old Mill Park
112 NW Woods Chapel Rd. Blue Springs, MO
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  • Best Features: A jungle themed inclusive playground with play areas meant for little kids including musical instruments and a splash pad that is open in the summer.
  • Turf

Wilbur Young Park
1100 SE Adams Dairy Pkwy. Blue Springs, MO

  • Best Features: A space themed playground with three separate play areas for kids of different ages and abilities including one for small kids.
  • Turf

Other Blue Springs playground recommendations: Pink Hill Park and Rotary Park.

Grandview Parks

Little Corner Park
13424 Bennington Ave, Grandview, MO

  • Best Features: This small park is fully fenced in and has a small play structure perfect for toddlers as well as an adult/baby swing to enjoy.
  • Turf

Meadowmere Park
13610 Byars Rd, Grandview, MO
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  • Best Features: This playground has a whimsical animal theme, a tall grass maze, sand to play in, and lots of swings.
  • Wood chips

Other Grandview playground recommendations: John D Anderson (especially the splash pad) and Southview Park.

Independence Parks

Country Club Park
2930 S Norton Ave, Independence, MO

  • Best Features: Small kid play structure, baby swings, and lots of shade.
  • Wood chips

McCoy Park
800 N Bess Truman Pkwy, Independence, MO

  • Best Features: A western themed playground that is fenced in and offers accessible play equipment and adult/baby swings as well as a spray ground that is open in the summer.
  • Turf

Kansas City, MO Parks

15 and Mahomies Playground at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park
MLK Jr. Blvd & Woodland Ave., Kansas City, MO

  • Best Features: This colorful inclusive playground has fun features including play areas for small kids, swings, and an in-ground merry-go-round.
  • Turf

Gillham Park
Gillham Rd between 39th St and Brush Creek Blvd, KCMO

  • Best Features: Play structure made for small kids, baby swings, and a spray ground in the summer.
  • Turf

Loose Park
5200 Wornall Rd, KCMO

  • Best Features: Large playground with swings, a small kids play structure, and a sand box. In the park you’ll also find a duck pond, rose garden, walking trails, and a spray ground in the summer.
  • Turf

Sheila Kemper Dietrich Park
2601 Gillham Rd, Kansas City, MO
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  • Best Features: The pirate ship and sea dragon make this park perfect for imaginative play. This accessible park has play structures for toddlers, baby swings, and a see-saw.
  • Turf

Lee’s Summit Parks

Legacy Park (Joseph A. Dyke Playground)
1201-1501 NE Legacy Park Dr. Lees Summit, MO

  • Best Features: An inclusive playground with multiple play structures as well as a paved path that goes under large tunnels (perfect for scooters or ride on toys).
  • Wood chips

Lowenstein Park
1901 NW Lowenstein Dr, Lees Summit, MO
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  • Best Features: Well shaded, a children’s butterfly garden, baby and parent/child swings, and a play structure appropriate for little kids.
  • Turf and wood chips

Other Lee’s Summit playground recommendations: Charles Hartman Park, Deer Valley Park, Harris Memorial Park, Howard Park, Miller J. Fields Park, Osage Park, Pleasant Lea Park, and Williams-Grant Park.

Northland Parks

City Park
970 Rte 291, Liberty, MO 64068

  • Best Features: This park recently got a makeover with all new equipment including a smaller play structure, a slide built into a hill, and a merry-go-round. In the summer they also have a splash pad.
  • Turf

EH Young Park
1001 Argosy Parkway, Riverside, MO

  • Best Features: A nicely shaded playground with smaller kid structures, merry-go-round, and a playhouse.
  • Wood chips

Fred and Shirley Pryor YMCA Challenger Sports Complex
2100 NW 87th Terr, KCMO

  • Best Features: This playground has ramps and accessible equipment for kids of all ages. There are adaptive swings and awnings to provide shade.
  • Turf

Hodge Park
7000 NE Barry Rd. KCMO

  • Best Features: This fenced playground offers a smaller kid play structure, disc swings, a slide built into a hill, and tons of room to run around.
  • Turf

Macken Park
1002 Clark Ferguson Dr.  North Kansas City, MO

  • Best Features: There are two different playgrounds in this large public park including an area for smaller kids that has baby swings, play vehicles, and slides.
  • Wood chips

Penguin Park
Intersection of NE Vivion Rd and N Norton Ave, KCMO
Check out our full park tour here!Penguin Park in Kansas City

  • Best Features: Giant fiberglass animals, including a gigantic penguin. Young kids will love the fire truck and school bus that they can pretend to drive. There is a whole section for small kids and a merry-go-round, ride on toys, and parent/child swings.
  • Turf

Tiffany Hills Park
9400 N. Congress Dr, KCMO

  • Best Features: A pirate themed Variety KC playground with ramps as well as musical instruments and sound games. The playground is fenced in with only one entrance/exit point. There is a smaller play structure, merry-go-round, and a baby swing.
  • Turf

Other Northland playground recommendations: Anne Garney Park, Barry Road Park, English Landing Park, Frank Vaydick Park, Little Gully Park, Zona Rosa’s Central Park

Raymore Parks

Recreation Park
1011 S. Madison St. Raymore, MO

  • Best Features: An inclusive playground with ramps, instruments, a merry-go-round and a nature playground called “The Fort” with a wooden pirate ship and natural play features.
  • Turf

TB Hanna Station
214 S. Washington St. Raymore, MO

  • Best Features: This accessible park has a fun play structure, merry-go-round, and musical instruments. During the summer, there is a train themed splash pad.
  • Turf

Other Raymore playground recommendation: Hawk Ridge Park.


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