Giving Up Social Media

The honest truth is, most parents I know - scratch that - most PEOPLE I know could do a much better job at being more present in their lives. I’m sure most of us have witnessed this scene before:...
I fought it. I fought it hard. I was convinced that, if I gave into it, my  little boy would be lost forever. He who still thought that dancing with me to 80’s pop music was a valid form of entertainment...


Nearly all of us have a cell phone these days; more than likely, it’s within a grab’s reach, even at the present moment. While we, as mothers, need to make conscious efforts to separate ourselves from this distraction on...
My heart swells when my son pulls out his work from school. He is so excited to share his projects with us and we love seeing them! We love looking at his letters, numbers, drawings, hand prints, homemade presents,...



Your Guide To KC

The Mom’s Guide to the Kansas City Museum

This post is sponsored by the Kansas City Museum. After seven years of being closed for renovations, the Kansas City Museum reopened in 2021 after...
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